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    Raceway 5

    I don't mean to be the second person complaining. But this has been happening all year. There is a conflict of interest somehow with our team and the scoring booth. Also they somehow don't see us getting not just bumped but rammed multiple times in each race. I personally saw 4 times last night...
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    Raceway 5

    See new rule change for raceway 5 ministocks, 7/27/2014
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    why does my mini valves carbon up?
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    What plugs are you running in your mustang mini stock?
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    mustang mini

    What can be done to make mustangs competitive with the                  vtechs that Raceway 5 is letting run this year?
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    Is the 110 octane racing fuel not right for the minis at raceway 5? I never had a problem with sooting up the plugs before.
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    I guess we need to get a toyota or the track needs to find someone who can tech them.  You can't tube 4 out of 5 we were told that the toyota couldn't be dq'd because he is leading the points..Is this fair?
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    How could a local track tell the drivers that any complaints to pit shack will result in two week suspension. Time for new officials?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Raceway 5

    Why when the ministock class is drawing the highest number of cars do they let some drivers drive so dangerously? Last nite a driver took out 2 cars, one was forced into the wall where he was knocked un concious, of course no red flag and he was made to walk back to pits. This unsafe driver has...
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    Why can't the public know the list of Nascars banned substances? Shouldn't this possibly pertain to all drivers health and safety?
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    Genesee ?

    Is ther a new site yet?
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    Just installed disk brakes on my metric street stock and can not get a pedal. I took another set of front calipers and switched sides. have bled numerous times. no pedal. brand new rotors.