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    Spencer Speedway Question?

    There was another one further east call frequencies.
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    Spencer Speedway Question?

    Cappizzos was the one we went to. I think it’s closed now
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    Looking for old Mod Pictures

    My Uncle Ed Steffenhagen Passed away 13 years ago tomorrow and we are looking to see if anyone might have any pictures of him or his old cars.  03 Modified.  Thanks
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    Adirondack Speedway to Host 2014 Open Show

    SATURDAY September 20th (Rain Date Sunday22nd) SST, Super Stocks, 4 Cylinders Details to follow.
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    NY Superstock Series 2014 *Updated* Schedule

    Point series races: Friday May 23rd ? 25 Laps ? Spencer Speedway ?Wright Beverage/6 Pack Beer per lap? Lucky 15 format Sunday June 8th ? 51 Laps ? Adirondack International Speedway Friday June 20th ? 25 Laps ? Spencer Speedway ?Van Bortel Ford? BowTie vs. Ford!! $600.00 to win Saturday July...
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    Jim Steffenhagen / #PEAKscd

    The good news is I have a 30k point lead on 8th.  The bad news is I need to finish this thing in the top 5. If you can, Visit the link, Sign up with Email or Facebook and Vote 5x a day. Thanks for your support! ;
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    Race New York, I need your help.

    I entered the PEAK Stock Car Dream again this year, last year I got a late start and had huge support from the Racing community and came home in the top 20.  I've improved my approach and I need your votes and support again.  Raceny is my home away from home and I know this year will be even...
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    New Announcers for 2014

    Can't understand a word of it, and I understand them exactly.
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    JamesGang 131 Lap Sponsors and Big 10 SS

    I want  to thank everyone who contributed to the Big10 Lap program, especially the laps that I won! Lap 17 Bridget Grimes Cummings Lap 17 West Falls Racing Lap 28 Dick Hurtz Racing Lap 28 John Lyons Lap 23 Bernhard Racing / Tim Lap 34 Four Score Lap 34 Karen Wylie I actually made double what...
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    Spencer canceled

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    Spencer Speedway for tonight

    They are going to try and get this one in.  I realize the weather forecast is poor, but they are going to do everything they can to get it in.  It sounds like if they can't get it in the race will not be rescheduled due to conflicts with other series.  (if they cancel, we can drink beer in the...