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    Andy J.vsBig Money Matt

    Matt broke again at the Turkey derby around lap 70
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    Spencer and Chemung

    Thank you
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    Spencer and Chemung

    Can you Camp at these tracks
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    Spencer and Chemung

    Ok Thank you we are going to do a double Spencer and then Chemung .
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    Spencer and Chemung

    How far are they from each other .
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    Tire shortages

    New Egypt had a 60 lap race on July 20th they canceled that and I think Mahoning cancelled there Modifies this week because of tires and Wall 100 lapper was run with no pit stops for tires .
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    Great thanks .
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    No tour open Mods run like 6 shows a year they just hade it paved it must be wicked fast Looks like they get a good turn out of cars .Love this track been going since the 80s lots of Memories .
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    Town that has the best modified drivers

    Hammonton NJ Tony Siscone
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    Has anybody been there this year how are the shows running and is the food any good was thinking of going Friday for the tour mods .
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      How was the Late Model  show I know they made lots of changes .
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    Chuck Hossfield

      Is running Mahoning  this weekend i will be making the trip
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      To win at New Hampshire today for the Modified 33 cars $5.000.00  to win the turkey Derby 36 cars go figure huh .
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    Jimmy Blewett

    Was hurt last week at home when unloading his car a cable broke on the hauler door and broke his ankle in 2 places
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    Tonight ROC race

      Anybody able to post results please