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    Dont Understand

    These are all great points, hopefully next year Lake Erie will get more fan support, I know i will be there
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    Dont Understand

    How can Lancaster pack the stands for an Asphalt modified race and Lake Erie an hour and a half away has a mediocre crowd for thr ROC 250 ???
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    WCIS Celebrates 60th Season - Sat., July 24th, 2021

    Hoping for a decent car count
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    Lake Erie ?

    If this is the case i wont be back
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    Jeff Gordon's new hired gun
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    Holland Speedway Tonite ! Last pts race

    LET'S GO RACING! The rain has stopped and the weather is going to clear soon. Come on out and don't miss the season end to the 2014 season. The points battle is tight in most divisions plus a 100 lap Mod event. Hopefully there will be at least 20 mods
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    Top 5 ROC Predictions Holland, lets hear em !

    1- Hirschmann 2- Scherer 3- Putney 4- Ebersole 5- Hossfeld
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    Thompson Icebreaker

    The forecast calls for 50% chance of rain on Sunday,,Will they run the race Saturday to get it in ?