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    Billys book

    who has read it and what did you think?
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    you all know

    how much i enjoy racing. been doing it for 34+ years. i must confess to having as much fun running in the middle as much as i have running in the front in years past. i get the most out of watching the faces of the youngsters with the desire to get behind the wheel, i mean who knows who the next...
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    i ain't sure who's doing the sport the most or least damage. i thought that these 2 teamed up to save each other but this direct tv crap has sealed the deal for me. after being a custmoer for 20+ years i have had it. had to buy a special package to get fs2 for the racing, then they took it off...
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    the big jump

    travis pasramie is jumping ceasers palace tonight! whos watching?
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    we will be celebrating 3 championships this afternoon at our place tavern in monroeton pa. 4pm until? champions toast at 6. beer, food and soda provided. cash bar. the 2016 cars will be on display and drivers will be present. 2015 five mile point lightning cat novice champion matt mckernan 2015...
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    BEING HELD TODAY!!! BOWL WITH THE DRIVERS, VALLEY BOWLING CENTER, WAVERLY, NY START TIME1:30PM. This is the fund raiser for the foundation.  All 32 lanes are filled with drivers and bowlers ready to raiser money for this great organization.  We are looking for a couple of bowlers who might...
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    how far is to far?

    what happened to dawns thread congratulating her drivers on their seasons? there was nothing in it that should have offended anyone in any way, shape or form. well, maybe if you finished second. nothing draws attention like a catchy title. she was fine with it, who's panties did it wad...
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    dawn maynard is a bit,

    dawn maynard is a bit happier now that her two drivers have won the lightning cat divisions, novice and expert, at five mile point in 2015. we were told matt mckernan broke the record for feature wins in the novice division with his 14 feature wins. we were also told that burt maynard set a...
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    5 mile rumor,

    rumor is 5 mile point has cancelled. nothing on their website or here but someone called me and told me they saw it on facebook, so from this information it is officially only a rumor. i am posting just in case any adventurous folks are thinking about taking a ride to the track.
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    Gray tickets,,,

    gray tickets were the ones to have at 5 mile point last saturday night in lightning cat novice victory lane. 18 chance taking youngsters were given a ticket as they passed thru the gate on the frontstretch to be in matt mckernans 6th victory lane pic with him, one winning ticket was drawn and...
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    Ya know

    five mile point must be the place to be. free grandstand admission this week and you have to go to the second page of rny to find any mention of the point. or do face space or whatever. real racers do it here on race ny. thats why i is posting it for the my bookers or who ever else may want to...
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    Santa's Sleigh Ride,

    [color=blue][/Santa's Sleigh Ride, could be a rough one ths year. No snow, no go, is what I hear. But don't go crazy or drink to much beer, racing season will return next year. :)Sounds like we could have a new x-mas carol on the way??[/color