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    4 Cyl Honda Civic F/S

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    wcis super six division

    Was wondering if any of the bullring guys have built any super six's. Looking forward to make a trip down there to race this year.
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    looking to run a 6cyl somewhere

    Is there any tracks interested in allowing a 6 cyl run there next Friday. We are off from our current track bit still wanna race. Maybe even a 4 cyl verse 6cyl race. Please contact me at 315-576-5209
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    looking for a ride

    I'm looking to race this year if anyone is willing to let me drive their car. I don't want any of the prize money just wanna race you can contact me at 315*576*5209
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    Hi my name is bill. Me and my friend are gonna be racing at Spencer speedway in the super six class this year. We need help getting car to the track every week. Were looking for someone to help is take care there every week. We are willing to let the person run the car also if they want .
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    driver wanted for 4cyl

    i have a dodge daytona that i need to either sell or find a driver willing to help out taking care of it. i currently run at spencer speedway and am looking to have car run there also. give me a text at 315-576-5209 if you are interested
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    crew members needed

    i am looking for some crew members to help me out on friday nights at spencer speedway. i run in the super six division. currently i am a one man crew. which makes it really hard to finish races when i have to get out and work on car alone. also sucks that i cant finish just cause of a flat. if...
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    whos still racing

    i run at spencer speedway in williamson new york. our track is done for the season but i still wanna race. would any track allow me to bring my ca to there track and race. i could also get about 3 other drivers interested to depending on distance. also wouldnt mind running someone elses car in...
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    spencer speedway opening night perdictions

    4cyl- catalano car super stock- jim s super six - william malin aka me sunoco mods - bradshaw
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    10000 to win at black rock

    ok i have got a honda civic hatch that i want to enter in this race. i am looking for a good driver to run it. the car is a manual and it doesnt look pretty but runs great. if u think u have what it takes to win let me know. o and i am looking for someone that has placed higher than 4th at there...