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    Any former S/360 crewmen around?

    Jim Martel is restoring the former Carter/Warren 44 - Diffendorf S/360 "Flying Cockroach" sedan and is looking for anyone who may have worked on the car back in the day.  More info here...
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    85 Ideas Every Race Track Should Try Mandee is Billy Pauch's daughter IIRC.  Some good ideas in there...
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    This time, it's an inside job - destroying the sport from the inside

    After reading about what is happening at Lancaster and the car counts at Shangri-La II, I was reminded about a column written a few days ago by 3Wide over at 3Wide's Picture Vault.  I'm linking to it below with permission;  it's a great read and IMO every single fan and promoter out there would...
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    Herb Harvey Speedway (Lemon, PA)

    Anyone know if the current owner of the speedway allows people to wander around the junkyard?  Good junkyards are becoming more and more rare, and that one looks like it may hold some neat stuff... maybe an old stock car or three?
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    Per Pinner's, there are 29 supers in the pits tonight.  Yes, 29... for a regular show. Just two years ago they were happy to get 17 or 18 cars.  A lot of this has to do with the Torrese brothers buying the place, putting a lot of work and money into it, and generating a serious and positive...
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    Sidelines Roll Call - who's idle and why?

    OK, a lot of the "where are the cars?" got me to thinking (dangerous, yeah, I know)... - If you have a car and are not running it this year, what is the class? - What is the reason that you're not running it?  Sponsorship?  Gate costs?  Tire costs?  Low purse?  No help?  No time?  Dislike the...
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    What really killed the US auto industry...

    It's not the unions or the designers or the engineers... nope. It comes down to something more basic:  beancounters. You know the type, if you work in any corporate structure:  the bureaucrat whiose sole job is to control costs no matter what the outcome and, when you bring up something to...